The Odd Monk

A documentary by Jesco Puluj

What is it about?

The Odd Monk is a feature documentary that shows the colourful variety of Buddhism around the world. I, the director, travelled through Europe, Asia and Africa over six months to interview the most intriguing monks I could find. Being a one man crew I managed to film very intimate encounters and I also ended up being confronted with my own prejudices and expectations about Buddhism.


Who am I?

I am Jesco Puluj, the director, producer and cinematographer behind The Odd Monk. I shot this film over the course of 6 months by myself while traveling the world.

I was born in Germany and have been making movies for a long time. In fact, I am now working on my first feature film, a comedy about Buddhism called Buddha is Back.


Why Buddhism?

During a trip to Thailand I met a Canadian monk who dedicates his life to Buddhism while having a vegan cat as his best friend. This encounter fascinated me so much that I decided to travel the world and meet more interesting monks.


The places I’ve been


In Ireland I met a German monk who had built a fascinating Buddhist sculpture park.



I visited a nunnery on a mountain in Nepal and was stunned by their life in seclusion.



In China, a robot monk is needed to making Buddhism more attractive to the public.



A Chinese temple in Botswana invited me to observe how the spread Buddhism in Africa.



In Tokyo there is a "Buddhist Bar", where monks serve alcohol and chant with the customers.



In Thailand I met the Canadian Monk Phra Julien who lives by himself in the mountains. You can watch the entire portrait of him here.



May 2019

"The Odd Monk" had its World Premiere at the Skyline Indie Film Fest in Virginia,

followed by a screening at the Lunenburg Doc Fest.

It was also shown at the Cineteca Milano in Italy and the Travel Film Fest in Cyprus.

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Buddhist Tales

Below you find two "Buddhist Tales", which are individual episodes from the movie.

Phra Julien – a monk’s life

Victor’s Way

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